Types of green power

Energy is the core of all processes carried out by humans that facilitate smooth life on earth. The sun is the sole energy source on the globe, it provides power used in making food. Those foods support microorganisms and animals which eat plant products to sustain their life. Besides the use of energy in making food, many processes require it to occur. The industry needs energy to run machines that help in the production process. Many types of energy exist, some get depleted when used while others do not. Sources of these energies that can be used again and again without polluting the surrounding are known as green power.

The larger portions of these renewable

The larger portions of these renewable energies are obtained from water flowing in rivers. The river water is blocked at strategic places forming dams, water in dams has a big potential when channeled to flow in a designed channel. High energy in this liquid is used to turn turbines that generate an electric current when rotating. Electricity produced in those dams is cable to various places to be used. It has diversified uses in an urban or rural household where the transmission can reach for lighting at night, running entertainment appliances such as television sets and radio. The transport sector uses hydroelectric power to run an electric train in developed nations. Difficult jobs like cleaning large rooms are made easy by use of a vacuum cleaner that utilizes electrical energy.

Sunlight is utilized by technology imparted

Sunlight is utilized by technology imparted in solar panels to provide electrical power. Rural areas use solar panels to provide light at night where hydroelectric power has not reached. These panels are durable and can be reused for ten years provided there is sunshine. Those panels can convert sunlight into an electric current that is used to charge batteries which act as a storage device. The stored energy is used later when needed for light, charging a battery, or playing music. In addition to that, sun energy is used in warming water in large buildings for baths. Sunlight is concentrated at a copper coiled pipe, heat generated in the coil warms the fluid in it.

Types of green  power

Waves occurring in the oceans are tapped using complex technology to produce electricity. Turbines are set in a geothermal station to produce electricity, a stream of water is directed into the drilled vent, it is heated by the underground heat to form steam that turns turbines. Renewal energy is safe for the environment but is at risk for humans if not used with care. Electrical power is dangerous due to a short circuit that can arise from a careless connection. Proper installation is needed to avoid loss of life due to electric shock or properties resulting from an electric fire.

Power is generated and fed to the supply cable for transmission to the consumer. Nonrenewable energy like diesel contributed to environmental pollution when used in engines. Plant parts are fermented to form ethanol that can be used to power locomotives as in Brazil. It is mixed with diesel to help in reducing emissions from diesel combustion. The use of natural gas in cooking in most homes helps in reducing forest clearing for charcoal. Some types of renewable energy are less expensive, solar power is lower cost than hydroelectric power which is charged by the providers.

Sources of green powers are reliable due to their availability over the centuries. Rays from the sun cannot get depleted, taping solar power is efficient as its source is forever existing. The creation of renewable energy has brought more employment opportunities than other types of energy.

Energy-saving cookers are used widely, these help in reducing the over utilization of charcoal. Due to the risk associated with the development of renewable energy, laws have been put in place to regulate their product. Nuclear energy is among the dangerous types of green energy due to the radiation associated with it. The availability of renewable energy relies on mined minerals used in the manufacturing of turbines or solar panels. These processes contributed to the destruction of the earth’s surface due to the emission of greenhouse gasses to the sky, however, green energy is safe and cost-efficient. Green power is the remedy for pollution in the atmosphere caused by harmful gasses from engines due to burning petroleum as fuel.