Description of Clean Energy

Clean energy is power that is produced without negatively affecting the environment. It strives at shielding the environment from pollution. Harmful pollutants are released to the environment when you use energy sources that are not clean. When you use clean energy, you are saving the environment from the harmful effect of greenhouse gases. The heat trapped in the atmosphere by these gases rise the temperature of the Earth. Clean energy saves the earth from unpredictable weather changes which might threaten the existence of human life.

Solar and wind energy are examples of clean energy as they do not cause any harm to the environment. Sun energy is the most abundant clean energy source although limited to a specific time of the day. It is used for both domestic and industrial purpose as the sun is available in a variety of places. This energy is effective in open places that get You can use solar energy for heating, cooling, ventilation purposes and producing electricity.

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Wind power is another source of clean energy which utilizes air motion to generate electricity. Windmills are attached to a generator so that when they spin, energy is produced. It is effective in areas that receive strong wind and free from any obstacles. The turbines require a strong flow of wind for them to produce sufficient energy for use. Apart from the electricity emitted, it can also be used to pump water and perform other mechanical tasks.

They help clear the air allowing a person to breathe fresh air preventing them from having health problems that come from polluted air. Continuous use of clean energy reduces the concentration of carbon dioxide which is responsible for degrading air quality. When you live in a place that is highly polluted due to the energy source that humans use, you are likely to develop breathing problems and other serious problems. Using clean energy means keeping yourself healthy free from respiratory diseases. Clean energy makes it possible for people who live in the countryside to have power for their use.

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Since all clean energy are renewable, they provide a continuous supply of power making it reliable. Clean energy can be relied on as they are inexhaustible remaining in supply all the time. When you use clean energy, you will never run out of power. You can reuse it as much as you want and still have a surplus supply. Clean energy will save you money for a long as they are constantly supplied for as long as you wish.

With clean energy being derived from natural sources, it is available to people cheaply. It saves you money that you would have used to constantly replace the energy. This energy has low-maintenance costs since it relies on natural resources. Clean energy is supplied abundantly and can be accessed by anyone at an affordable price. People will only incur small costs to buy the tools needed. Clean energy is a cheap source of energy with low operating costs as they do not require technical workers to operate them. This makes clean energy accessible to people despite their financial constraints hence effective in supplying energy.

Description of Clean Energy

The problem with clean energy is that changes in weather conditions can affect the availability of energy. There are certain weather conditions that must be met for clean energy to be effective. When the climate changes, people cannot use clean energy because there will be no wind or sunshine to produce a sufficient amount of energy. Clean energy cannot be used in places that do not receive sufficient wind or sun. Unlike other sources of energy that can be supplied to any place, wind and solar energy depend on the geographical location of a place making it inconvenient in some places. Bad weather conditions impact negatively the reliability of a constant energy supply from clean sources.

It is tedious and expensive to produce a large amount of energy comparable to other sources. You will need to use many large solar panels or wind turbines for you to use clean energy for large-scale purposes. This will lead to incurring more costs therefore, clean energy is applicable in a much smaller scale to produce electricity. If you wanted to use clean energy for intensive application, you will have to buy more equipment for you to get more energy.